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Testimonial — 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the two WONDERFUL articles "On the Bit" and "Understanding Collection".  In both of these articles, I see my teaching techniques - I have students come to me thinking they are oh so proficient in dressage - They are at first dubious when I make them leave the horse's mouth alone and get that hind end activated - I love watching the doubt turn to wonder and excitement when they feel that horse moving up into their hands - finding the contact and coming together; as they learn what seat, back and legs can do that hands cannot.  We need to educate riders away from the "push me Pull me" school of dressage, and also educate some of our show ring judges who are decidedly more interested in a tightly wound, cranked in neck that a beautiful, free and truly on the aids movement.

Enough of my ranting - I shall shut up now, and again congratulate you on such excellent articles. 


—Marilyn H.


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